It all started around 1998 (read about that time in when I was in the midst of a period of deep depression.  It was a time which I woke up every morning feeling like I wanted to throw up and wishing I was dead.  I’d push myself up, make it to the bathroom and after 15 minutes I was OK, ready to start my day.

I remember on one of those days.  I think it was on a weekend.  I woke up in great misery wishing I was dead.  I caught a glimmer of Sun light shining thru the slits between our window blinds and my great misery became overwhelming ecstasy.  I was in utter bliss.  I did not want to leave this sensation so I stood still and stared into the rays.  I had a huge smile.  It was like having a great sexual orgasm only greater and emanating from the heart region. This was happiness.

Then back mid 2008 it happened a 2nd and 3rd time.  I’ve since been blessed with the ability to touch what I’ve like to call “the Source”  I’ve even have pictures of what “the Source” looks/feels like.

In the future I hope to share these and more.  In the meantime if you have been touched by a great ecstasy of the heart, I’d like to hear about your experiences.