So I’m getting close to releasing the second and perhaps the final book. It’s called “Spirituality for REAL: Deep Healing”. I’m currently working with the book printing company to review for any remaining formatting errors.

Simultaneously I’m also very active creating new videos. I’m very grateful and blessed to often just have these streams of brilliant creativity beam down to me. This morning it jolted me out of bed at 6 AM filling me with so much eagerness and passion to create my next set of FEEL dance videos for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. I definitely invested about 5 hours doing this and it was so much fun.

Then as I took a break to start reviewing the “Deep Healing” book … another vision popped in my head. I could see all the videos of me either speaking in public or giving an interview, or dancing and I could see how if properly edited it would look so cool. As the hours passed by again I could see additional cool things I could do.

Anyway watch the above video and let me know what you think. If you like what you are seeing and hearing please do share and spread the word.