I now regularly go for an early morning walk in the morning. Usually I leave about 6:30 AM and walk for about 2 hours. I’ve done this practice now for maybe the past 3 months and I’ve really grown to love it. It’s often become the highlight of my day.

Today, I woke up a bit sleepy on a work day and had a bit of dread in my body. I thought about just getting in more sleep. But then I thought about the fact that this practice of walking has, according to my physician, had real positive impact on my health. This includes supporting my overall mood.

So about 1 hour into my walk I reach this park. And when I got to the park the morning sun was gleaming in my eyes and the grass everywhere was sparking with fine dew drops. The air was crisp. This was ripe with the sensation of bliss, calmness and the “all is well’ feeling within me. As I walked I could not help but pause and take photographs to capture the bliss that was surrounding me.

For probably most people, today was just an ordinary day, but I could appreciate it for the grand day it was. Today was in fact a special and unique day because it was 1) perceived as glorious and 2) it was today. There will never be another day and morning that will be today and glorious. And I know that tomorrow will also be glorious like no other. It’s just a fact. And maybe that makes it ordinary to know it’s a fact. But then doesn’t that make it kind of amazing to know that it’s ordinary for it to be a glorious and special day.

As I walked briskly, I couldn’t help but feel the sensation that I could slow down, stop and absolutely soak up the bliss. I also had some more insight into this entry way into touching the source. I now see that it involves a surrender while within the grace of life — or rather a surrender so that you are able to witness, see and take in the grace of life that happens to be in the present. For me I best am able to do this when the sun comes down and paints dramatic vistas of glorious contrasting colors. When the sun beams come sparkling in small beams of saving and healing light rays.

I started to think about this article I read last night about Cancer now overtaking heart failure as the #1 cause of death. What I do know is that as long as death still exists then in most cases a coroner will be able to attribute the cause to some type of physical disorder or disease. It is my personal belief that the longer we are able to live the greater the likelihood that cancer will become the leading cause of death.

One might intuitively consider the parts of our bodies wearing out over time from repeated use and diminishing ability of our bodies to continually restoring our organs as best as possible. So then this wear and tear would eventually result in some critical organ failing. But we finding out ways of becoming increasingly physically healthy so are are less likely to experience organ failure as the cause of death.

However, there is still as best we know an inevitability to death that seems programmed into our brain by way of allowing for an aging process. As we find more ways to extend the aging process, that tends to leave onl some kind of systematic disease as the only possibility for death. For example cancers fit into what I view as systemic diseases. And it’s making sense that cancer as becoming the most likely presentation of this systematic reason for death.

Cancer is the systematic response of part of your body wanting to become immortal even at the expense of the rest of the other parts of the body. Cancer is the status of no longer surrendering or aligning to the greater purpose of design, structure and being of a human. This is shown in cancer cells not so much forming together and not differentiating into the role of the part of body it is supposed to be. Cancer cells instead stay immature, youthfully rebellious and travel without regard to healthy boundaries. Cancer cells seek to stay forever young.

I grew up like many fearing death, thinking death is something to fight against and something to be fixed, cured and prevented. But when we do so we are fighting against the very natural way of things, the very way that is also part of us coming into living existence in the first place.

Might we consider having a more positive relationship with death. I started to think what if we could attribute beauty to death. That we can truly accept death as more of a transition and one of beauty, bliss and ordinariness like this morning when I was walking. If that is the case then maybe we can start to think about how we would like to transition, of how we would like to die. Then in that thought process we could consider would we like to die by hunger, by heart attack, by cancer, in a hospital, at home, or maybe just sitting down in a chair in the middle of the park on a bright crisp day like today. And if it be cancer then we would think but to love the cancer and bring healing to it even if we must bow and surrender to what comes.

So today was a beautiful day to live and I thought would also be a beautiful day to die. Not to scare you reader. I’m more just thinking that this morning was precious like many moments in time. And I’m finding with each time I can come to feel the something this precious that it I allows me to shift to a place of surrender to the grace in the moment. I when I can do this I go into bliss. It’s a bliss I’m more aware of coming from the heart area but it extends throughout my entire body.

Then what I would like is to stay in that place of bliss in life. And when I feel death nearer I would also want to be in this place of bliss. I would not be scared or sad, but just in happy bliss.

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