You have no idea about the strength of your own spirit. You constantly underestimate it and believe yourself to be much weaker and much more ineffectual than you actually are. Since you must experience according to your belief, it is difficult to find out how strong you really are. You can create anything, for you contain all divine creative tools. And of course you do exactly that. Some of your creations are, as we know, undesirable, springing from negative beliefs and distorted notions. If only you could see the immense power that lies in your thoughts, in your beliefs, in your attitudes, in your desires.

I liked the above quote from Pathwork lecture 254. It has been helpful as I encounter my new place of employment, that is proving to be challenging and overwhelming.  This new employer teases the question of insecurity of “am I good enough” and “are you pleased or disappointed with me?” And Pathwork so far has helped me cope along with the words I once heard back in BBSH which were “just keep showing up”.   Quite possibly the only difference between someone succeeding or not at their new job has much less to do with the “talent to do something amazing” but more with “the courage to keep hanging in there and keep showing up”.

I’m also more and more seeing the parts of me in everyone else I see.  Everyone else is friendlier and helpful.  Also everyone else has insecurities and when they do within the corporate environment that insecurity will come out as harsh, tough and cool.  The more the harshness and toughness the greater is the insecurity … and I can see how I have or could behave similarly with others if I was feeling insecure.  And so I have empathy with those I fear.  I can see how every person on the outside I view in all varying states of emotional state are just like the many faces of me at any particular point in time and place.  And so I fear less and love more.


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