I have to apologize but I think I’ve been remiss in sharing that lately I think I’ve been coming in contact with the Source again.

I think I’ve been hessitant to share, because the connection is kind of fragile in a sort of “Quantum Mechanics” kind of way.  There’s a concept in science that the more closely you try to observe something the more you effect and influence what is happening.  So in some of my tentative but wonderful connections it was a decision to start writing what I was experiencing and in the distracting  act of writing  losing the experience or just forgo the writing and simply sitting in the bliss and ride it out, and hope I’d remember after the bliss is done to write about it.  In the end I always chose to ride it out and usually some other distraction came in and I was too busy doing something else to write what I experienced.

But here’s what I can share.  First of all I have to give much credit to a string of some spectacular weather.  Like today in particular is absolutely crisp, clear and stellar!  It is ripe with blissful energy.  It is ripe with possibility, hope, creativity, sexuality and excitement.  It is fertile ground to simply sink and be deeply grounded yet be showered from above by a glorious sun shine.

I’ve spent almost a year now learning as an energy healer the value of simply sinking deep in contact with the client, but even more importantly sinking in deep contact with myself and surrounding life.  And so now I’ve experimented with being in deep contact with my legs, my dog, a large rock, a tree, and even the concrete solidity of my apartment balcony.  Even the simple concrete balcony when I’m in contact with it, I can feel it and the entire building and even the entire Earth and it’s so indescribably immense and vast and solid.

And it allows me to really better appreciate the other levels of my existence. I’ve been coming into learning and internalizing the different levels of my existence.  In Barbara Brennan’s terminology, I exist primarily on 7 levels energetically.  Level 1 is a physical template level.  It’s mostly just about physical being and it’s a low frequency grounded level.  Level 2 is emotional and fluid and houses all my fears, emotional pain, good and bad feelings.  Level 3 is my mental level and it’s the analytic part that conceptualizes but also is prone to putting up critical voices and protective shells to protect me from the feeling the depths of the pain in level 2 or the fear of being on level 1.  Level 4, like level 2 is a fluid like level.  It is love. It feels great!  I’ve often hung around this level in my life.  Level 5 is a structured level and has connections to divine will.  Level 6 is another fluid/flowing kind of level and it is described as the realm of celestial/divine/unconditional/universal love.  It feels great here too! And then to enclose it all is Level 7 the outer golden shell of structure that houses our primary 7 levels of energetic being as spiritual beings on Earth.

What I’ve been lately doing is energizing levels 2, 4, and 6.  They are the 3 fluid levels and when you get them all going together it’s like WOOOOWWOWOWOW!!  But in a way so beautiful/gentle/gracious/glorious!  It’s not as pinpointy eurphoric.

as the source I had described it in my earliest blogs on touching the source, but more full.  It’s like getting an orgasm in your sexual region, in your heart region and in your head all together!  And so when I’m there I kind of don’t want to move, because it’s kind of really nice.  It makes me say I LOVE YOU to whoever you are.  YOU ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL!  I just want to be and lie, sit or stand here motionless for a very long time, soaking up the Sun, this moment

The 4th level always feels like the center feeling level that orchestrates it all.  It’s the true most humble center of love of meager simple being love.  The 6th celestial level of divine love is absolutely fantastically euphoric, but it still floats above the 4th where the truth of it all sits. I strongly sense the Source is from the 4th level and the 4th chakra regions.  The 2nd is the level of more mundane feeling most vulnerable to doubt, critical voices, fear, jealousy and so needs the love and acceptance of the 4th plus that occasional escape and glory of the 6th.  It could very well be that sexual orgasm is a moment at which a pinpoint of 6th level glory pokes thru into the 2nd level.

So for me in some of my recent sittings with myself (I guess you should call this meditation), I’ve found my self conversing thru the layers.  My 4th loves and accepts the 3rd mental level and all it’s critical voices and gains entry to coddle and warm the 2nd level.  The 2nd level learns to feel and accept the love.  The 3rd mental level starts to praise the 2nd level with positive thoughts now that it’s negative thoughts are embraced and accepted as OK by the 4th level of love and then I’m on the 6th celestial level with all it’s glory.  And it’s so nice to feel my 6th, 4th, and 2nd levels all in communion, humming in tune with each other.  And this is the current bliss I’m getting to know.  And this is my current, I guess, “touching the Source” set of experiences I wish to share with you my dear reader(s), whoever, whenever and wherever you are.

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