So back in January someone asked me to host another meditation on March 6th. And it seems that as soon as it was announced by email and on a website its been met with sort of a cold silence. Its like all the people who gave me encouragement in my first hosted meditation to start hosting meditations were angry with me and are specifically boycotting me?! This may be my mind jumping to outlandish conclusions, but let me rant anyway. Its almost like as if people were jealous of me or feeling like I cheated or stole an idea they started. Like others had started hosting meditations long before me so how dare I get too cocky and start hosting back to back meditations! So its like this message delivered with total silence saying, Well show Wilson. Well just silently but politically correctly snub him out And if he asks well give him an excuse like: Oh I already had something to do.

So anyway Ive been asked to lead a Self Love Meditation. Im prepared with the possibility that I will in a room large enough to hold some 50 people and leading only two other people. It will go on record as possibly the least attended and least popular meditation session in our Meetup. This could really hurt. But I guess its OK.

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