It’s been so many months since I last put in an entry.  As to the reasons if I tried to write about that it would take me so long to think about it that I won’t put in entry.  So for now I’d like to recount a special moment in time back in July when I happened to be walking thru a small local nature trail.  At that time I walked very slowly and took time to connect with the trees and be one with the forest. I started to feel like this forest was my natural home, like I could live here in the wild.  I started to feel shy and suspicious of other people walking along this path.  They felt like as much a threat to me as the deer hiding still amongst the trees and bushes.

What I observed is that as long as I stayed in normal “human” space I didn’t really see much other than trees.  But when I shifted into being part of the forest I slowed down and suddenly I could see deer standing very still amongst the trees.  What I did know was within this around a small 4-acre plot of trees I called a forest supposedly resided a fairly large herd of deer, all quietly hiding until the evening when there are little to no humans around.  And if I stood still and became one with the forest I could start to see the deer appear and I also noticed they seem to be less threatened by my presence.

Then I noticed another smallish animal standing very still in the middle of the trail maybe about 100 yards away from me.  It was a ground hog and he didn’t seem to mind me being there because I was very still and I guess because I was emanating the energy of a being that belonged here.  But I was so sure that the second I moved I’d shift into normal “human space” and that ground hog would run away.

So I stayed still.  And the ground hog spotted me standing still.  And then I moved to grab my camera and take a picture.  The ground hog did not run away, but in fact started running directly towards me.  He was now curious of me.  I was enamored with what was happening so I quickly started to video what was happening.  I started to realize this ground hog was not scared of me, but instead very curious.  And once he came within 3 feet of me, it appeared that maybe he’d confused me for a tree and was now about able to climb up my leg.

So I felt a bit scared.  And as he got within 1 foot of me, I could see he had large claws.  And then you know what as soon as my fear was starting to escalate again the ground hog started to back away from me.  I was shifting into a defensive state and that became scary to the ground hog.  I firmly believe if my fear did not creep back in he’d probably craw up my leg, which would have been very scary for me.

The following is the youtube video of my experience:

Ground Hog Video

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