Spending time in the Sun with my dog, Muffin has been helpful. When I get to a nice clean grassy field, watch my little white dog saunter amongst some butterflies amongst purple clover flowers and then roll on into the grass with a passion it brings out that smile within.  So good.  I just want to stay still and be and soak in the sun while my dog teaches me to just be.

She found two tennis balls and started bringing them over to me to throw them.  It was fun seeing her have fun.

And then I sat in the grass next to her.  And then I closed my eyes a bit and just soakd in the warm sun.  The sky rather blue.  The air rather crisp.  My heart starting to sing.  So nice.  I just wanted to be stay and be in this moment for as long as possible.

You see this moment is what I call the Source.  I stress I am not trying to pawn off a new religion or belief.  The Source is NOT something new that I want to prostelyze upon you, it’s just a being.  It’s like trying to prostelyze being HAPPY.  Only here I don’t use HAPPY, because the Source seems so much more than the word HAPPY.  It’s more like Wooaaah Man!  Wow. Ahhhhh!.  And when you’re in it you have nothing to say, because nothing you can say describes it, except just this undeniable smile within and maybe the sense that you dare not budge an inch, lest you lose that Zone of being in the Source.

I selected the above photo to show you how the Source feels.  But it’s more than just sunlight. It’s how I see the sunlight not directly, but in the glint of the periphery combined with the warmth.  It’s the glancing in the corner so that at times it diffracts into colors, the actual direct sun being so so bright.

But more than just the sunlight it feels like the sunlight from within the heart.  The aahhh ecstasy and brilliancy of love.  Let me show it for example in the following photo with my wife.

And with another shot many years ago with my dog.

So maybe this time all I can impart is that being in the Sun, lends a lot to being able to making that entrance into the Source.  And once you get a good load of soaking in the Source, you can carry it through the night.  For how long though I don’t know.

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