Over a year ago I was lying in the deepest of depressions. I was definitely one of those people that could lie motionless for hours staring at the same crack in the ceiling. Then there was one day a psychiatrist had prescribed me a stronger anti-depressant mix of medication and within 10 minutes I had a euphoric rush. I was told that this could not be the result of the medication because it takes a couple weeks for chemical changes to occur. But during that time I started to experiment with ways to bring about this euphoric rush. I found that sometimes doing things like recalling that euphoric sensation, slightly wiggling my fingers and toes, and just allowing my heart to just be, set off things.

There is one significant thing I did manage to accomplish and that was starting to draw a picture of what the Source feels like. With this picture I could at least reinvoke the sensation by starting at the pictures of the Source. I dont know if when you look at the pictures will it invoke the Source within you.

Let me start with my basic drawings:

Look carefully and in the above youll see a speck. That speck is the Source. The fact that it looks rather insignificant and easily overlooked is a key characteristic. So this is one aspect to touching the source, its an increased awareness that it will be that small insignificant thing in the corner of your eye a particular glint of a sensation that will be a trigger point for entry to the Source.

If you were to look deeply into that speck you might start to feel something that looks a bit more like:

Tell me if you look at the above now enlargement of the Source, what do you feel in your heart? This is the still small quiet voice that some have mentioned. Look more deeply at this. Dont force it, just start to let it be and see if the sensation of the Source expands naturally on its own. It may start to feel like:

If you feel the source at this size it means it has expanded to the point that you can just start feeling the euphoria. Now the next picture is what it felt like when I was at the height of my euphoria.

When I look at the above picture I can start to feel that euphoria resonate from my chest. Those of you who are attentive might notice that theres an insignificant looking speck at the center. Thats no insignificant speck. Its very significant, but I wont go into it at this time.

Let me go one stage further in pictures to where Ive been:

So I will end with a statement that these are the very first time I have ever shared these pictures with anyone. I dont know when Ill get back to discussing them, but I feel they are very key pictures. What will start to follow are some real world pictures of where I can see/feel the Source. And in all these pictures the basis is what you have seen in this posting.

Love yourself for you are the One.

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