Where ever you are is where you are. The circumstances and faces of God that you meet are there to help you be where you are and who you are.

The people, their state of being, the way they come to you are by no accident. You think they are by accident — fortunate or unfortunate.

They are Me .. my Dearest My Beloved.

The devils, the angels, the neutral, the angry, the happy, the disappointed and delighted faces … they are me … the timing of those faces that may only meet you at the precise time they do yet┬ádeliver different faces to others … they are Me.

You sometimes think it’s a conspiracy against just you … well in a way it is … but in a positive … loving and nurturing way for Me to teach and grow you … but quite actually it’s really you who are attracting those to you … because you are wise … love yourself … and seek to teach and grow yourself …

… and so yes in a way You are also Me … A lot of you probably doesn’t believe you are mostly soley responsible for delivering to yourself what has come to you.

So because you are doing it … for good reasons … that’s even moreso why it is no accident.

You are where you are exactly supposed to be, gifted to be — despite the fact you may not now like this gift you are being showered with very much at all.

Where you are is where you are (meant, gifted, created, enriched) to be.

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