I saw Alice in Wonderland, thinking it was going to be corny or silly, but I was surprised.  Yes in ways it does follow the original Alice in Wonderland story, but something about it was so hypnotic.  All I can say is it really did feel like a dream. It had that same ambiguous, sort of real, sort of feels nice, but something’s not making sense kind of sensation.  In a world that feels a bit too hurtful, insecure, unsure, and nerve wracking it’s so nice to think of being lost in Wonderland.

I so wished I could fall asleep and go into Wonderland.  Wonderland may seem at times a bit scary because strange effects beyond your control may happen.  Any wierd monster could pop out and eat you up.  But then you really get a sense that this is all your world and if you so choose to you can control the outcome of this dream, it’s a matter of you facing your demons internally.  And once you do the effect is realized in the outer world: the day-to-day life here on Earth.

I so loved the Cheshire Cat.  Menacing yet because part of your dream there to serve you.  The white queen with great powers that in theory could defeat Jabberwocky or the evil red queen effectively with holds her powers and remains rather helpless because she too is part of your dream and is there to help you become who you want to be, because it is pointless for the white queen to succeed if you have not grown.  A crazed-mouse whose your friend could crazily try to poke your eye out or throw a tea cup at your head.  A rabbit that seems to be your guide seems ready to facilitate the good white queen or the evil red queen.  And finally the arch foe, the mighty Jabberwocky, greets you like an old friend, even though he calls you “old foe” is there to server you to push you to your ends that you will fail if you do not give it your all. Even the Jabberwocky who you created in your dreams is there to server you.  Both sides the light and dark side are all their as your friends in the end.

I really like this movie.  Tim Burton did a masterful job of conveying the story.  I was no longer seeing a flat symbolic portrayal of a dream, I came closest to feeling like I had fallen asleep and was dreaming.  The movie really had a lot of heart.  There was a lot of perspective in being able to see the good in all.  You learned to feel sorry for those who seem wicked, because they had a troubled or unfair past.  You see the power of kindness.  No, kindness doesn’t always play out as nicely as in Wonderland, but this is about dreaming, and it feels good.

A bit dare I say like that nice warm feeling I have called the Source.

Oh by the way, in Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatter puts forth the following riddle: “Why is a raven like a writer’s desk?”  Supposedly there is no answer to this question.  However, I believe I have come up with the answer, if even Lewis Carol himself doesn’t know it.  The answer is:

“The Raven conveys the future much like the writer knows the story he has written from his desk.   The Raven is the symbol for omens, considered wise and portentuous.  In Norse mythology two ravens kept watch on the world and advised the high god Odin. Alice wrote this story which was the dream, which was Wonderland. This was the reason this riddle was brought before Alice in her dream to trigger the understanding that she was the writer of her dreams.  The Raven is the conveyor of that story that is being written on the writer’s desktop.  The Raven is like the writer’s desktop.”

… Dare and try to think of six impossible things to do every day

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