To all.  I’ve just finished editing and putting out my first meditation.  This is a self love meditation that got rave reviews from The Meditation Cove group.  Just click this link: and read some of the comments.  Some people actually cried at the end of the meditation. I’m curious how you feel after trying this meditation.

So why don’t you download the recording and meditate to it.  It’s in stereo and the quality is definitely CD audio quality.  Download onto your iPod or any player that can play AAC format files, dress in comfortable clothes, go into a quiet room, turn down the lights and put on stereo headphones.

Listen to the recording here

[soundcloud url=””]

If you want, you can also click the “down arrow” button to download the file to your computer.  The downloaded file is CD quality stereo and can be anything that can play AAC format files (Ex: iTunes, all iPods, or most premium MP3 players).  I’d be very curious what your experience is.  Is a recording of a live meditation as effective as a live meditation?

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