There was one other thing I picked up from the Tuesday writers group meeting, it was the sensation of Grace. Someone had read an essay on her experiences growing up with a historic bookstore in Philadelphia. The writer described her recent visit to the bookstore and the experience of Grace, that subtle soft sensation of something simple and nice. I contrast this to how I’ve been describing the Source as something that is ecstatic.

But I think Grace and the Source are different sensations of the same thing.  I feel that few people experience the ecstasy of the Source, but that many encounter Grace.  If you connect with the Source, you’ll definitely know it because it’s rather overwhelming.  If you encounter Grace you might not notice it.  So it would seem the connection to a divinely Source is more profound than a more Earthly Grace. However, something in me says that Grace is an immensely more powerful connection.

You see the irony of the Source is that it is strongest where it is weakest. Keep your senses out for the quiet subtle areas in life that are inclined to be overlooked. When things get soft, subtle, in-transition, unclear, fuzzy, blurred, a tiny speckle, a minor disturbance, and make you lose focus ever so briefly then there is the entry to something very great.

So those simple pleasures in your life that you have tucked away in your memory. Those are hugely powerful, more than I can know, more than you’ll ever know, and maybe more than anyone will ever know.

Spirituality Author Carolyn Myss has mentioned that the Divine works backwards. This is true about the Source. Try with great discipline to reach it and you may never know it. Giveup in failure, collapse in futility, and then stop trying and then it may come to you behind an insignificant opening on some discarded item. It comes to you not because you’ve earned it, it just comes to you as a gift, the result of Grace.

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