Admittedly talking about sex is embarrassing to me.  However, there is an undeniable need at times to compare the ecstasy of the Source to that of sexual orgasm.  Many know about sexual orgasm but few about this ecstasy from the heart.  What I will say is that for the longest time I had experienced the heart orgasm and sex orgasm as quite different.  Both are pleasurable, but the sex orgasm is fleeting and often more of a release of a tension while the heart orgasm doesn’t necessarily ever end and is more of a letting go as a result of having no tension.   So for the longest time while they both had some similar intense sensations I always found that sexual orgasm did very little to help one find the Source.  However, I had always found though that a heart orgasm would tend to intensify any co-existing sexual orgasm. Lately that has been apparently changing probably because I’m continually mastering how to invoke this heart orgasm anywhere I am.  So now sexual orgasm has at times triggered a heart orgasm.

With that said, I will say that last night I had the biggest heart orgasm ever.  It actually got so big that I started to get a bit scared that I was going to explode or die.  I felt my chest muscles and my stomach muscles spasming.  The Source had expanded to really big.  I just lied and let go and allowed it to expand and it went way beyond my capacity so inevitably I tensed up refocused to dampen the connection.  It was really nice.

Even as I write this entry many hours later my chest is starting to tremble, my fingers are finding it hard to type, my stomach is tying up in knots. Only when I stop typing and stop taking my mind back to that ecstasy does it let up.  I’m probably also feeling the effects of that Healing Journeys Meetup, I attended yesterday.

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