Ego is about doing things to makeup for the lack of worthiness you feel.  Ego is an illusion because you do not need to do or achieve something to create worthiness, you are already inherently worthy period and nothing you do can add or detract from that fact.  So all the contortions in activity don’t really mean anything.  The belief that they do mean and add up to something is an illusion. This is way Ego is an illusion. Worthiness is the purpose to face others.

Marriage, having a relationship, fitting in is about status, it is ego, it is about feeling worthy. Job level, title, house status and car are about status, ego and worthiness.

So I acknowledge my inherent worth. I do so by loving myself. I do so by saying to myself: “I love you even more because you are a F-up.”

The truth is you are always worthy period. And then you can choose to face others: God, your mirror. The purpose of facing others is (and should be) independent of worth, because you are already worthy. I guess others are in a way a test of your ability to accept, and believe your worth.

It is not what you do or achieve,  it is not your successes that make you great.  You are already great. So all the extra doing, achieving and succeeding in as far as your belief they add or subtract from your greatness is all an illusion.  They in the end mean nothing.  You are already great, period.  It’s inherent because you exist. And somehow if there is anything that defines your greatness and worthiness it’s when you screw up, fail, and mess up and suffer humiliation and defeat.

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