How are you? Is at least the 4 questions:

1) How are you feeling (assume an emotionless computer is asking the question just for fact gathering for a survey)
2) How much sympathy and attention do you want?
3) how do you want to be?
4) what emotions or feelings do you want acknowledged? – reason why so called negativity is
important. Negative emotions are “acknowledgement and validation emotions”

But to make things even more complex version one interpretation of the question “How are you?” can further be interpretted to:

A) How are you physically?

B) Are you sleepy or awake?

C) Over the past 24 hours pick any 15 minute segment of time and tell me how you felt.

D) Do you have different emotions on different levels? On any levelĀ are you afraid, excited, angry, hopeful, happy?

E) Judge and tell me if you feel which of these emotions are good and which are bad?

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