I was reading my last blog post and realized I must have been falling asleep towards the end! I initially thought I’d correct the gibberish I was writing towards the end of that post, but then I was sort of stunned by how the genuine the gibberish was. I mean if I tried to write that kind of gibberish you could tell I was faking it. This gibberish was real. So real that if you read it over and over again you might find the hidden subconscious message in between the words.

I wasn’t under the influence of anything, other than a cup of strong coffee to help me stay up late to do some work (obviously the coffee was not quite strong enough). I was literally drifting into my subconscious and so these words are possibly the least filtered expression of me. So I left the gibbberish in my last blog posting as is.

Anyone out there good at reading tea leaves? Read towards the end where I start talking about being addicted to coffee. Tell me what you read or sense when you read the ending portion of my previous blog posting.

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