So one area of the past several months I’ve been remiss on sharing are my experiences walking some labryinths. I mean I’d say a year ago it was at a Labryinth that brought about resolution in being with my surrender to a reality of failing to prevent my layoff. But in more recently I’ve found that my office in Wilmington is actually located across the street from a chapel that hosts a labryinth on Wednesdays.

It’s not a permanent labryinth, but one that has to be set up in the morning down in the chapel basement. So initially you’d think less of this labyrinth than one that is permanent and large like the one near the Delaware Art Museum. However, I remember stepping out of my office after a stressful meeting and stepping into Chapel and then following signs for the Labryinth down to the basement. And I was surprised to be met by a women sitting pleasantly and quietly at a table outside double doors to the room that contained the Larbryinth. She was a wonderful hostess who walked me into the room to describe the general guidelines to this room.

And it was then that I was taken back by the specialness of this temporary Labryinth. There was a prayer and intention table near the entrance of the Labryinth. Then another table with fresh pairs of socks for you to wear as you can’t wear shoes as the Labryinth is actually made out of fabric. They had lit electric candles around the perimeter of the Labryinth. At the back were glorious standing candleabras with real lit candles.


And at the from perimeter were yet two more tables with real lit candles and two finger Labyrinths. Finally for completing the mood the lighting was dimmed and there was realistic sounds of Tibetan chants, wind chimes, and Tibetan bowls resonating throughout. In the center of the Labryinth were 4 Zabu cushions for meditaton.

So I walked this Labryinth and what I clearly felt was utter thankfulness for this time and space. All I can say is that on average it seems one can expect at least a full hour in serene and fulfilling solitude on a personal journey within this Labyrinth. This place speaks of abundance. I was absolutely floored by all this effort to put together this Labyrinth and setting of all this intention. I mean even along the walls of this basement room are lined rows of chairs and I swear you can feel the presence of guides and sages sitting there honoring your journey. I honored them. At each point where candles were along the perimeter you felt a presence. There were many in this room and you could feel their presence and it brought great support and peace. This was a place for me to feel gratitude, the kind that starts to trigger those euphoric sensations of “the Source” that I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. My chest starts to go into this heart orgasm state and I’m still, just basking in the moment.

I remember sitting in the center of this Labryinth on those Zabu cushions and was stunned by how comfortable my bottom felt. I could sit there for hours in bliss without moving. And for this being I am grateful, beyond what I could repay. In fact I understood and felt how my mere grateful feelings were repayment. In fact I could be grateful for the gift of feeling gratitude. I could be grateful to myself and feel the gratefulness from myself.

I think I will stop now. Peace be with you. I love you. I am with you. I am. I Love.



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